About Dutch Legends

Built from 25 years of experience, Dutch Legends opened in 2019 just in time to meet to new demand for healthcare clothing in 2020. In 2021, Dutch Legends released their own healthcare line.

3 decades of experience in the textile and garment manufacturing makes us legends. But that’s not what counts. We use our experience to create new legends worldwide.

How? By creating a new business model where we skip all chains and offer business peer-to-peer. Only one step from factory to user. Pretty legendaric in the textile business.

Join the Legend. Work with us to create custom garments for your industry-specific company. Improve your work wear company with our support in supply chain, production, or business units. Purchase small quantities of work wear garments in our web shop at a lower cost.

We focus on durable and long lasting garments that withstand the demands of your industry. Comfort and usability is important as well, we offer a range of garments to support our customers. Our custom option allows you to choose what accessories are important to you. Additionally, choose colors or add embroidery so your garments are unique, cohesive and recognizable. We will work with you to develop garments that suit your company’s specific needs.

Environmental impact is important to Dutch Legends. Our business model allows us to reduce the environmental impact of the textile and garment manufacturing industry. We offer sustainable fabric options made from recycled plastics.

We work with production facilities and suppliers internationally to provide a range of specialties in garment production, textiles, and business consultancy at a reasonable cost.

Join us on this journey as we continue to shape the future of the industry, one legend at a time.


About the founder

His grandfather founded the workwear company Bucofa in 1956. Rob Kwaspen is now following in his footsteps. But by doing it completely differently. As a twelve-year-old, the now 54-year-old Kwaspen was already involved in textiles. The family business Bucofa, fully named Budelse Confectie Fabriek, was specialised in workwear for industry, the automotive industry, the food sector and the healthcare sector.

Rob himself started working for Van Puijenbroek Textiel, the company that had taken over Bucofa in 1992. He became CEO of the group which now is better known as Havep. In 2018, he left the company after a 25-year employment.

Immediately after his departure, the idea of starting his own business in the industry he was familiar with arose. An own clothing company for workwear. Dutch Legends was founded. The industry and market are familiar territory and with the experts from his network he sets up a platform.

The strength of the Dutch Legends platform lies in the cooperation between designers, pattern-makers and production facilities in Macedonia and Tunisia. There, where Kwaspen has travelled for more than 28 years and built up his network. By connecting the end-users and the factories a new supply chain exists. One that is shorter and therefore disruptive in the market. In this way, both the end customer can benefit from a better price and the employees in the workshop are really better off with a higher remuneration. In addition, Dutch Legends helps the factories themselves to professionalize in projects. Taking steps to grow.

Webshop for professionals that buy online

In addition to the projects, Rob has set up the webshop Here, the self-employed, smaller companies and the care sector, such as home care organisations, practitioners and care institutions can buy their workwear online. The corporate clothing brand Dutch Legends is strategically loaded, so that here too, a sustainable character is created in the workwear market. In the short term, think of Legend Workwear and Legend Care. Expansion to other target groups and applications is planned in the medium term.


Together with the Legends in his network and on his platform, he has a clear mission:

“Everyone in the textile world is talking about sustainable materials and production. We bring the earnings where they belong and limit logistical movements. We are creating a sustainable business chain, but a real one.”

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Dutch Legends know it’s way around the textile globe. Workwear, healthcare and representative clothing could be your own white label or brand. We advise, create, match produce and make sure your products will become legendaric for your target Group.

Be in control of your own supply chain. No more dependency anymore, but trustful partnership with Dutch Legends. Just check out what we can do for you.

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