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3D design and modeling, collection, video and animation

We truly believe that digital solutions are going to shape the future of textiles, and also it is something that is totally zero-waste, as we stand for sustainability.

We make the switch from 2D to 3D effortless and push further by supporting our clients in product development for design, production and promotion purposes. Our fashion designers can support you from the beginning of the garment life cycle, or the full collection. We further use animations and video production in order to bring the garments into near real life experience.


Samples, sizesets, production, techpacks and sales presentations

3D garment creation is quickly becoming a necessary skill for pattern makers, production companies, retailers and fashion designers. With the growing demand for better productivity and smaller environmental footprint, 3D design has become a highly sought skill.

We add value to your business by eliminating unnecessary physical sampling and waste generated by pattern cutting or fittings. In other words, we eliminate the traditional dependency on physical samples by utilizing 3D. Shortening production and lead times are some of the benefits of virtual sampling and tech packs, correcting design inaccuracies on the go and eliminating any mistakes in production.


E-commerce solution

In a time when most of the business is happening online, having a webshop is a must, but most of the times far from enough. Going for a generic platform almost never works and webshops for textiles are not just another template…That’s why we put all our efforts & knowledge to develop a specialized Textile ecommerce webshops platform. Have a perfect online presence for your brand and products with all the options you may need for a successful e-commerce.

Ask for this in your next level textile webshop:

  • 3D views of your garments
  • Variants
  • Custom Filters
  • Mobile first approach
  • Multiple payments

Upgrade the e-commerce solution for your B2B clients also. You can use it as a collaboration tool with your company clients and this way have a complete solution to seamlessly work together, covering all aspects of a successful textile company.



Stand out by giving your clients personalized experience and options for customizing your products.

The time for basic products has passed, offer your customers the chance to upgrade, customize or create their own products with our Design Lab tool.

  • Ultra fast
  • Realistic view in 3D
  • All your options for customizations available
  • Custom workflows

Available as a stand alone tool or with frictionless integration with our B2C & B2B solutions.


No secrets for Dutch Legends

Dutch Legends know it’s way around the textile globe. Workwear, healthcare and representative clothing could be your own white label or brand. We advise, create, match produce and make sure your products will become legendaric for your target Group.

Be in control of your own supply chain. No more dependency anymore, but trustful partnership with Dutch Legends. Just check out what we can do for you.

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